Hello everyone! My name is Catt!


I was born on the 4th of July, 1992 in San Jose, California and had a pleasant childhood growing up in a city I loved. When I was 7 years old, for my dad’s work reasons, we moved to Taipei, Taiwan, where my family is from. I attended an American school until college, and went back to the US where I received my bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California.

I’ve always been more fascinated with life than anything else – how life works, how we as people work, why people do certain things, and why things come into our lives. My intense asking has led me to the most amazing experiences, synchronicities, and miracles in my life. One of these was being able to call Europe my home in Milan, Italy with my life partner, Pietro. Growing up in Taiwan or the suburbs of California, I could only dream what Italy was truly like, and I took the opportunity during my college career to go to Milan for a semester, knowing zero Italian. From there for the first time I was able to create what my heart truly desired and met my soul mate, and have lived in Milan while I was not attending school and when I graduated from college. It is a true miracle dear to my heart that I have a home in Milan with someone I feel incredible with.


This whole being myself business has been a daily focus and practice for me, and I’m still finding out what it means, because every day, the concept expands! It’s all part of the process, and through this blog I trust that I can also reveal more of that in this way. This blog is a way for me to express myself through my multi-faceted various passions – lifestyle, personal development, spirituality, health, photography, fashion – many more that I’m sure will continue to expand!

I’m currently living in Taipei, and I have a life coaching practice based in LA. If you want to learn more about coaching and working with me, you can see my latest coaching offers by clicking here. I’d love to visit with you!

Thank you for visiting my blog – be sure to leave a comment, subscribe, and enjoy!

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Photography by Alessandra Riva


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