Committing to Clearing the Space

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I don’t know if it’s just because of Springtime or something like this, but I’ve been feeling like new year’s has arrived. I’ve been setting new goals, reflecting on them, updating my space, changing the line of work I do, working on my business and being more committed than ever. With the commitment there have also been challenges I’ve had to face, but I think overall the amount of new energy coming in has been asking me to update and really choose to be happy and ask me to really look at what I’ve been focusing on.

One thing I’ve been focused on in these days is clearing the space. I’ve set up a plan in a all areas of my life – home, security, finances, setup, technology, personal, professional, emotional, wellness, beauty, health, etc – to clear the space and any lingering pieces from before so I can start anew. So far, I’ve got my new workout plan in place and also my office space updated.

With the rainy spring days I find it very comforting to be taking the time to clear out the space, light some candles, and being silent with myself. I find that something magical happens when we open up our space – we get more room to invite the new. And the other part is that this time I have placed it all out in a plan, and have committed to complete these items on the plan! I’m a great planner, but this time, I’m being a great committed planner. I’m excited to see what shows up as I commit to clearing my space (and I’m excited to be working out!) and sharing that here!

Is there anything more lovely and more inviting than a Clear Space?  ❤

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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