Home Improvements – IKEA shopping days!


I am obsessed with IKEA. It’s like the first time I really got to think about furniture and home improvements and feel like hey, I get to do this myself for myself! I find it almost a rite of passage into adulthood and making your own space on your own terms.

IKEA has also been a place of comfort for me. Living in Milan and LA and now coming home to Taipei, the one thing I can truly count on being there for me is IKEA and it’s lovely showrooms (and canteen! hehe) that inspire me to think of a place I can call home someday. No matter where I go in the world, there is IKEA for me and whenever I go there I feel at home. Moving back to Taipei has certainly helped with feeling more at home. I’ve been able to make some home improvements at home since this space is mine, and really giving my creativity in home improvements that outlet.

I went to IKEA today to update my home office space and really got some incredible work done (see it on my instagram!) in terms of home improvements. I am so grateful for this beautiful day outside in Taipei and being able to go to IKEA to build my own office space. My own office space is going to soon be used for a lot of amazing things – mainly my coaching practice!

These photos were taken last week on a mini-trip to IKEA with my sister and Pietro. We had so much fun – I feel like pigs in mud whenever I’m at IKEA. I consider it a playground for adults because of how much uplifting joy it brings me whenever I get to visit IKEA. I can’t wait to see how my space improves as I make it more high-vibrational and aligned with who I truly am!














Photos by Pietro

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