Making Goals Happen – Lifestyle Tip!

Hi everyone! It’s late over here, but I’ve been getting some great things done that I had been planning to do for a long time, so I’m pleased with the day – going to bed feeling satisfied and waking up in positive anticipation is always a great way to do things!

It’s a special week for me this week, because I had been working for a juicery for the past few months and this week I’ve cut down my hours significantly, freeing up space for me to go towards what I desire and create the fantastic ideas that have been coming up lately. I’m also moving into a new season of coaching with my own personal coach, to help move me towards my goals effectively and certainly. Everything just seems so new, and I took the time today to work on my goals and my scheduling.

Goals are always that word people don’t know what to think when they hear it. I think one of the things goals was to me for a long time was to set something so wildly unimaginably fantastic and use the power of your mind and harmonizing with it to get it (hashtag, lawofattraction). Well, as you can imagine, the extent of that being a reliable strategy was perhaps a 50% success rate with getting the grades in school that I desired. In real life, I’ve come to see what goals that are dreams really require: they require miracles, or shifts/transformations in perceptions.

You become a new person pretty much by transforming into the person who would be in this situation. I used to think this only applied to soul mate relationships, as that is something that is not easily planned. But law is law, and law of attraction does deliver – you are the one who requires to shift and transform to become someone with that which you require to create. It is the only way to truly achieve a goal – by aligning spiritually, which means your whole perception changes about an aspect of yourself you previously believed in that was an illusion. Exchanging an illusion for the reality and truth creates the outcome you desire.

On that note however, I will share some tips on goal setting that may assist you in your search to create a more fulfilling life and being more aligned with yourself.

  1. Set levels of goals 
    In my goals today, I did larger picture goals, 2016 goals, focused 90 day goals, and then specific next two months goals. This funneling down allows me to make the goals look more like to-do lists while aligning with each level of goals to achieve the larger picture outcome I desire.
  2. Start with why
    This is to help you with the larger picture goals. It is imperative that goals start with the reason behind why you are doing what you are doing. For instance, my motivation and goals for working for a juicery were to spread juice in Taipei in a positive way. I found my experience at the juicery not in service to this goal, so I knew it was unaligned with who I desired to be and thus my impact would be minimum. Starting with why ensures that you are living out your purpose, however small of a piece it may be (such as my desire to positively bring juice to people’s lives). It doesn’t have to be a life purpose, but it eventually gets there when you ask yourself enough – what is the real reason why I desire to do anything?
  3. Follow up goal setting with calendaring
    This is similar to the funneling down that makes your goals look more like a to-do list, but I had the aim of creating a calendar actually and realized I would not love my calendar unless I knew my goals. This grounds your goals in reality too, which is a very important part about making goals happen
  4. Look at the person you require to be in order to achieve your goals
    Who is this person who has achieved this goal? What does this look like for me? Who do I require to be to achieve these goals? Answer these questions with considerable thought and look at where you must close the gap!

One of my passions lately is to bring back goal setting – both in my life and in the world. I trust this piece will help as much as it has helped me tonight – now I really have to go to bed! 🙂

There are some amazing projects going on lately, I can’t wait to be moving them forward! Thanks to everyone’s support here on my blog! ❤

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2 thoughts on “Making Goals Happen – Lifestyle Tip!

  1. Brilliant Catt, a great post for me as I’m currently gearing up to write my big and small life designs, a bit like what you’ve done, so your post was both timely and helpful for me.

    Thank you.

    I trust you slept well after brining this brilliant post to us ❤️


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