Long Weekend at Taipei 101 (Part I)


Hi everyone! So on the long holiday weekend (Tombsweeping weekend) I went to 101 with Pietro. We got Din Tai Fung and were going to go to the 89th floor but there was such a long line that this is perhaps the 5th time we’ve gone without going up even though we intended to. I guess it’s good for Taiwanese tourism! Anyways I think some people might not know about this but 101 is a gorgeous mall on the first 5 floors and basement floors. It’s like walking through Via Montenapoleone in Milan (where fashion week happens usually) but in a gorgeous building. I have so many pics that I’ll post the rest tomorrow but here are some photos from the tea exhibition on the top floor where the elevators that take you up to the 89th floor are. I love how beautiful everything looks in 101, definitely a high vibration environment where I immediately feel at home! We also went into Tiffany & Co for the first time for me (at least in a shop so serious – they had the hugest Tiffany blue colored curtains!! Should have taken some photos) to ask about my necklaces that are suffering from the hot springs near where I live in Taipei. I loved the experience and got to try on the original Tiffany ring as well – not that I don’t love my ring from Pietro, but it feels so cool to hold that huge, super super brilliant diamond on your finger!

Lately I’ve been eating a lot of veggies – it sounds weird, but I’ve been having loads of bok choy and really craving them. At this point, eating out and being on the go is still the order of the day for us, I’m looking to really create a schedule amongst a couple other things like workout plans to get a bit more organized now that I’ve been settled down for a while with Pietro. Pietro always has school in the afternoon and I usually work at a juicery nearby, and I miss him every moment I’m not with him! Can’t wait to see him tonight (after 10pm though..time for me to go to work now!)







Photos by Pietro

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