A Night Out for Stationery


I know it sounds absolutely silly – but Pietro and I go for nights out…to the stationery store! These days, I’ve been focusing a lot on enjoying myself and enjoying my life. One thing I absolutely love is shopping for stationery. I’ve loved it as a kid, and while I’m less desperate for perfect stationery as I used to be (I feel alright with 5 colors in pens now instead of 50), but I still love looking at what they have at the stationery stores in Taipei. The stationery stores are usually the best in the night markets, as they pretty much offer you the lowest prices – you get the exact same pen for a good .75$ cheaper, and trust me, if you get a lot of them, it IS a huge deal!

The other thing about the stationery stores is that it’s not all stationery – they have pretty much everything including stuffed animals, arts and crafts (like the hobby lobby in the US), oversized cards, and one of my favorite – boxes and wrapping items, basically things to make your presents look AWESOME when you give them. They have wrapping paper, seriously impressively amazing boxes, stickers, ribbons, shredded paper, and really great bags to hold the presents in.

I spent a good hour with Pietro here and then went to the pet store to look at cats and rabbits, and also hamsters that fell over on themselves for running around too fast – hilarious! I told Pietro at one point at the stationery store “We have got to leave now – the longer we stay here the more my hands fill up with stuff!”

Anyways I love going out to the stationery store, and Pietro took some great pictures of the night market! It’s quite a special place for me and while I’m not obsessed with it as I used to be, I find the night market and stationery shopping a great way to relax and chill out while treating yourself to owning and using the cutest stationery ever for the most random things. What do you guys do on nights out? 😉

PS – I’ve been having severe allergies, that’s why my face looks a bit stuffed in the past few posts, nothing serious just a very general “hay fever” – time to get my ginger shots in I suppose!















Photos by Pietro!

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