Delicious Taipei!


Today I had a great day hanging out with my sister and also starting on the path of some new projects that have been bringing the passion back into my life. My sister and I watched The Shift together from Hay House Productions with Dr. Wayne Dyer (miss him a lot!), and it really brought some synchronicities into my life!

For dinner I went out with Pietro to a restaurant called Yi Ping – it’s a restaurant very similar to the part Taiwanese part dim sum restaurant Din Tai Fung, but a lot cheaper and with an even larger selection. I was recommended this restaurant by my lovely friend Tif, and after eating there I always think: When is the next time I get to go to Yi Ping?

The special dish we got tonight was the Taro fried sweet pancake, it was extremely delicious and so nice to find it with taro! Other dishes I love are the greens (a special kind of greens; I can’t ever remember the English name) and of course xiao long bao! I can’t wait to go to this restaurant again, and go dinner-ing with Tif again!








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