Stripes and Sipping Under the Sun


I am in love with the sun being out! Yesterday my sister went on another trip to the juicery and got me a juice – Buggs Bunny! (Thanks!) I really like this juice – it tastes like fall in a bottle with the apple, carrot, & pear pairing, followed with maca powder (a ridiculously expensive superfood on the shelves) and cinnamon. I loved sipping on this juice in the sun with Pietro and enjoyed the striped straw wearing my striped shirt underneath my crop sweater! It’s the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine – with fresh juice that tastes like autumn!

I’m still working with Pietro on organizing our home, it’s quite a mess and every laundry session takes up the whole couch until the next laundry – not the way I want to do things! My main focus for this week is to work on the career I love while continuing working on my new website that is going to be launched as soon as we get the codes together. I’m also planning on making some more content and videos for youtube uploads – so getting really into it and watching this blog be my diary and happy place whenever I can! And I also hope along the way I’ll be getting some more readers on this blog with whom I can interact – a bit of a good thing here and there 🙂












Photos by Pietro

I was wearing:
Sweater: ZARA
T-shirt: H&M
Sunglasses: CHILLI BEANZ

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