Trenchcoat Weather


The nonstop rain in Taipei has been a bit of a drag! It’s funny how I move from Milan to Taipei and Taipei to Milan when I’m truly from California, where it’s really mostly sunny. The one day it didn’t rain I immediately thought of taking advantage of the nice weather for going for photos and wearing my trenchcoat. This trench was actually a gift from my fiance, and it’s actually quite a simple coat, very light, and we got it at Old Navy, so nothing particularly fancy, but I love wearing it. The trench just seems like one of the most classic (and classy) pieces that everyone, man and woman, should have in their warddrobe, even if it’s not any fancy trenchcoat like a Burberry coat.  I love pairing trenchcoat with any kind of skinny jeans and boots. Autumn is my favorite season, and being able to wear my trenchcoat makes me feel like I’m back in my favorite season. We also had a Krispy Kreme donut, so this look is just missing a cup of coffee to complete the total office work feel!

This coach bag is also a gift from my mother a few years back – it’s one of my favorite simple handbags when I don’t want to carry too much. Like I mentioned, I’m big on the classic pieces, and I feel a few key pieces for a clean look goes a long way. My aunt also gave me a piece of advice on fashion – when your body looks great, anything looks good on you. This isn’t to be rude to people with different bodies or anything, but I think taking care of your body is so important as a fashion statement! I think as my wardrobe grows, nothing will be as important as taking care of my body through regular exercise and loving myself!













DSCF1539DSCF1538Photos by Pietro

I was wearing:
Coat by OLD NAVY
Bag by COACH
Sweater by ZARA
Jeans by UNIQLO

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