My Favorite Beard Papa’s


It’s funny, one of the biggest parts of me and my lifestyle is juice (it honestly is!), and yet I keep featuring these indulgences and foodie things on my blog when I don’t have them as much as I have juice and smoothies. Anyways, I will include more juice and smoothie posts as time goes on and we clean up our place, which is messy right now! But overall, I’m really big on being inclusive. I would never try to cut myself off from a certain type of food with any kinds of judgment – either healthy foods or indulgent foods, because part of my whole coaching and personal development journey has taught me a lot about suspending judgment. This gives me personal freedom and choice in a given moment in time, which is really important in living a life of positivity.

One of the places I love going to is Beard Papa’s, which is not far from where I live in Taipei. It’s a cream puff shop, which is such an amazing idea, and they stuff their puffs with a lot of cream – definitely no skimping on cream here! They recently came out with matcha cream flavor as their seasonal flavor, and I’m a huge fan of green tea. Before that, they had sesame, and I’m also a huge fan of sesame. I’ve also seen strawberry and chocolate banana, which I’m ok with, but matcha and sesame are two of my absolute favorite flavors.

I came here twice and both times they ran out of matcha cream, so this time, I finally got my hands on my matcha puff! The delicious flavors of green tea paired with light fluffy pastry is something I always look forward to having whenever I visit this mall, and brings me great memories of something my whole family loves whenever I bring home.















Photos by Pietro

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