Honey Waffles and Personal Reflection


These days, I’ve really been growing and changing a lot. Growing isn’t the word I’d use exactly – it’s more like realizing what I’ve already become, and matching myself to that vision of myself. I’ve already accomplished so much in my life that I hadn’t thought I would ever be able to accomplish (right before I accomplished them, that is), yet it seems that truly, as human beings, we MUST constantly keep up with the change and the greater version and vision of ourselves to feel passion in life and be able to freely love and let go of fear.

To say change is the only constant is a mere cliche, but to experience the truth of this is life changing. As I’m connecting the dots, I find it very important to take some days off in terms of what I’m doing in my work and get in touch with what my purpose is. During these days, I can be found at a cafe reading personal development and eating some delicious honey waffles with whipped cream. I love the atmosphere at a cafe with classical music where everyone is quiet and working – no rush, no time exists. Just being present in the now and reconnecting to the questions I have for my life and why I am continuing in the process of becoming.

Every part of the process is a valuable time, and I’m REALLY coming to accept this. There are segments of the process that include some very difficult periods of painful contrast, and there are segments in the process where nothing seems to be happening. My word here to everyone is to trust, trust, TRUST the process will reveal itself through its own happening and becoming. Take a day off like I did and have some honey waffles. I’ll be happy to sit and visit with you over honey waffles.

Through this all I am filled with immense gratitude for my life partner Pietro. He has been with me since day one of the seeming unraveling of my life, and has been celebrating every small improvement in my ability to see more, feel more, understand more, and experience more of myself and ways I can bring that unapologetically to the world. With a man’s faith in a woman’s vision, miracles tend to happen, sooner or later… 😉















Photos by Pietro ❤

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