My New Laptop Bag


I am in love with fashion, even though I haven’t had a chance to go all in with it fully yet. I’ve been a student for most of my life so far, and it doesn’t interest me too much to buy halfway quality fashion, unless I need it for some reason (even then, I make it last for years). I am quite simple in terms of my style, classic pieces always interest me most, and once in a while, I find something really great that compliments my style. My laptop bag is one of them!

I bought this laptop bag at the Computer Market in Taipei (called Guang Hua) as a Christmas present for myself three months ago. I loved the simple style of it and the way it fit my laptop in such a chic way. The colors match a really well with my wardrobe and there’s something really polished about the way it looks. The only downside is I can’t fit my water bottle or thermos in it, but aside from that, going out with just this bag to go do some studying or work in a cafe makes me feel so chic and organized. I love how it feels to hold it and it’s definitely a buy that felt totally me and makes me really excited every time I get the opportunity to use it. This bag is one I will love and use for many years to come.

What inspires you about the pieces you love?













I was wearing:
Top by H&M
Jeans by UNIQLO
Boots by MANGO

Photos by Pietro ❤

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