A Boba in Shida (with Italia Jacket!)


It sounds kind of funny, a Boba in Shida, and that’s because it is kind of funny. Just kidding, it’s quite common here to have a Boba in Shida. Shida is the Normal University in Taipei – where teachers get their degrees – and they have a great Mandarin Training Center (MTC) where Pietro is studying Chinese (it’s a really hard class!) along with many other foreigners. It’s quite a good deal in terms of quality of teaching (it is a normal university after all) and tuition, and I myself have considered taking some of the advance upper level Mandarin courses here to polish up. In my mind, no school on this planet is better than Shida’s MTC if you’re a foreigner looking to study Chinese, which is why I recommended it to Pietro when he was thinking of studying Chinese.

Boba is the wonderfully fantastic drink from Taiwan – milk tea with tapioca pearls. I have loved boba since I was a kid. When we lived in San Jose my mom would go to the Taiwanese supermarket and buy boba to cook at home, then she’d add Starbucks mocha frappucinos from Costco to pair with the boba, which was delicious. I only had that sometimes though, as my dad stopped letting us have caffeine after reading reports about caffeine stunting growth. I was a bit disappointed but I stuck to not drinking any caffeine until I turned 15 years old. Today, I am SO grateful for my dad, as I’ve grown to be 175cm (unfortunately for Pietro, who is around 172cm) tall and I’m so proud of my dad for putting this restriction on us.

Traditional boba milk tea is with black tea, but today whenever I get a boba I always get green milk tea (jasmine milk tea) with boba no sugar no ice (or hot). I don’t do no sugar because I’m trying to be skinny, as most Italians have assumed, but because I really can’t stand things that taste too sweet. It started with half sugar in about high school and by the time I left Taiwan I always got no sugar, which is just right because the boba is really sweet already.

I had a great time visiting Shida to get a tea with my awesome Italia jacket, I will probably go down there with Pietro again sometimes as it’s quite a lovely area, just a bit far from where we live. After boba we got some lunch and I came back home before going out to take photos for my sister’s badminton team. I can’t wait to go back and take more pics at Shida! Side note is that we used my dad’s camera for the past two shoots, so great. I really love his camera so I’m looking to see ways I can manifest a camera like my dad’s to take some great photos for my blog and share with everyone!







IMG_4358 IMG_4362IMG_4350

My favorite photo is the second to last one, because I seriously do that all the time to Pietro when I’m having boba.

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Photos by Pietro ❤


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