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“Not every day is a good day, but there is something good in every day”

I’m looking at ways to focus on positivity in my life, it’s the whole point of this blog and why I created it, aside from a way to express my multiple interests that just don’t seem to fit in any single category (kind of a super multi-purpose blog!). I realize that in the past, all my blog projects have been brutally honest. And while I love brutally honest and don’t believe in posting to make yourself look good and make other people feel jealous, I realized that there’s a difference with being honest when you’re emotions run high and deep – finding injustice and reasons why we need to correct things – and being honest in finding a way to at least once – for me when I write this blog – a day find something positive to focus upon.

I’m not by any measure perfect, but I’ve also realized that writing about how my mind spins and isn’t how I desire to proceed in my life at this point, where time is very precious and my now moments are to be chosen deliberately by me. And that’s what I want to encourage to everyone! Not to make your life seem perfect, nor to be wailing in the mudholes. Just to find something good every day and come share it with me here! I’ll be happy to share with you too 🙂 ♡

Today, one fun thing I did was go to Mos Burger with my man. Mos Burger is a Japanese chain store of burgers – they pretty much Asianized the burger, making an awesomely delicious experience. Here are some photos we took, I love the stores too. They are great study places, to the despair of most people who actually want to order and eat something there in the afternoon. They’re the only restaurant I know and like that is open until 12am, so here we are at around 11:30pm getting a burger and some fries – my secret indulgence!












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