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Today I had a great day with my man and my family, playing lots of badminton and doing a bit of shopping beforehand. I had dinner with my family and friends at The Spice Shop, a really delicious Indian restaurant that I love, which always makes me super happy! I came home quite  and knew I would pull out my bedtime routine to relax and unwind me into bed-time ready, so here are some photos to share (in my pjj’s)! I find it’s a great way to take care of yourself to have some bedtime routines that unwind you. It really puts you in a great state of mind for some really good sleep!

Sometimes my bedtime routines change, but here are a few pieces of it:

1. Yoga – I’m not super flexible nor have I been doing yoga for years, but I love using yoga to connect to my body and calm my mind. I love how meditation is embedded into yoga, so sometimes I do have some meditation habits, but other times I include it in my yoga. It really makes a difference to my day when I can start and end it with a short session. I also am a very modern girl, and I do a 6-8 minute routine only, which ensures that I do make space and time for yoga in my life. Some techniques I love in bedtime yoga are meditation, alternate nostril breathing (as you’ll see below!), stretching, twists, and shoulder stands.

2. Water – during the night we go without water for 6-8 hours, so it’s important for me to have a little bit of water before bed – not too much that I really need to pee badly in the morning, but enough to keep me hydrated throughout the night.

3. Journaling – this is sometimes variable as I don’t journal every night, but sometimes when I feel I have a lot to say and I desire to share, I journal to get my minds out on paper and reveal new awareness. I also sometimes have the practice of doing gratitude journaling before bed. I have an app on my phone that I use to record the things I’m grateful for.

4. Reading – I always read before bed, even when my eyes are shutting on me. I love how I pick different things to read when I am sleepy, usually it’s something like Conversations with God that really gets me connected to the purpose of my life and give me a sense of peace and love. I love my kindle and having many books on it to choose from as I please.

5. Pillow Mist – I love my L’Occitane pillow mist! It smells so good and so natural, I happen to really love the mix they have! It feels so indulgent like a treat to spray my pillow this this pillow mist before bed!

6. Sleep time with Teddy Bear Boris and my man!
















What are some of your bedtime routines? I’d love to hear them!

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All photos by Pietro


2 thoughts on “My Bedtime Routines

  1. I feel sleepy already!

    My ‘ideal’ are similar to yours and depending on where I’m living and what I’m doing, I sometimes manage to enjoy my beautiful bedtime routine but as a minimum, I generally stop eating several hours before bed and stop drinking at least 1 or 2 hours before bed although if thirsty, I will have a little drink and I almost always either read or listen to a book, something similar to or sometimes including, conversations with God and I always count my many blessing and close my eyes with a big heartfelt smile of my face, love in my heart and total gratitude for this gift we call life and I will often include many of the things I have been specifically grateful for that day ~ I used to write out a gratitude list every night, for many years, then review it in the morning but it’s mostly all done in my head these days. I sometimes journal, like you, and sometimes when I don’t want to but I sometones get called to write stuff down, so I do.

    And I often send love and gratitude to the people I love and the people I don’t like 😉 that always makes me smile because even if we don’t like them, we can still love them because they are, after all, simply us 💕💞💖

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  2. I love your bedtime routine Neikka, I agree, there’s something just amazing about the energy of gratitude and inviting it into our lives really changes everything – absolutely love the feeling! I love incorporating it when I can, I used to do it morning and evening but now it’s more unplanned as I don’t want to force anything.

    Thanks for sharing I loved hearing from you love!! xx
    Catt x


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