Rainy Days Eating Out


It’s been a very long streak of rainy days in Taipei – the weather has been warming up but mostly, it’s been raining every day, which makes it difficult to go out for photos. Either way, I’m still warming up to using a camera; Pietro knows a bit more about using cameras than I do, but it’s mostly a learning experience for me.

Today we went for lunch at a very nice Italian restaurant near our house called Dream Kitchen, and had some good food! We’ve been eating out so much whereas in Milan we pretty much cook every day. It’s part of the culture here in Taipei – go downstairs from your apartment, have a delicious, filling meal for about 5$ (this restaurant was more than that, but at many places it’s quite simple). I keep a lookout for my health by maintaining my breakfast as something very nutrient-filled, like a smoothie or juice.

I’ve been in touch with a lot of personal processing today – greeting things that show up in our lives with acceptance and looking at how I may transform heavy energies with my core essence. It sounds kind of out there, but it’s really just about processing your life! I’ve been repeating the mantra lately, “I trust in the process of life,” and of course spending a lot of time with my loving partner Pietro, whom I’m very grateful for.











My first mirror camera selfie!

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2 thoughts on “Rainy Days Eating Out

  1. Such a beautiful face, such a beautiful person and yes, I agree, we process life like we digest our food ~ if we want to be happy that is ☺️
    And I’m loving your photos and yes, you are inspiring me to get out and start snapping. Mmmm ~ I’ve got a great gift idea if anybody feels moved to buy me a gift 😂😂😂

    Keep on snapping, keep on tapping (the keyboard of your computer) ~ great post, lovely to hear from you ~ you’re my little sprinkling of sunshine ~ thank you.

    You are a beautiful gift to the world 💕💞💖

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  2. Hi Neikka!! Thank you for your lovely words! Love you!! I agree, a great camera is just about the best thing! We can join forces on manifesting the camera of our dreams together! (The one I’m using is Pietro’s and it’s a bit cumbersome in terms of the files not reading on my mac so we have to go through a program first).

    Lots of love and love having you following! ❤ xxx

    Catt xx


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