It’s Here: The Millennial Cake is Born!


Hello to The Millennial Cake – The Welcome Post!

Here I am on my newly formed independent blog. This is The Millennial Cake, a passion project I’ve had in my heart for almost a year now! (Talk about getting things done, right? ;))

The Millennial Cake is a space where I desire to play and celebrate my life as a millennial in, sharing all my interests in a personal, positive way. I choose for this blog to be a space where I am able to express myself in positivity, and share the things that make me passionate in life, including positive inspirations, travel, juicing, healthy eating, fitness, spirituality, fashion, photography, bartending, and many more! I have so many interests and things I’m passionate about that I decided to consolidate them into a lifestyle blog, and see where it takes me!

As of today, I’m not someone with a big following already anywhere, nor do I have too many strategies or things like that, but I intend to build a space where things form together, and that I can show up fully as myself and share positively with everyone and create a community of people coming together expanding horizons and creating life by design. In essence, I intend to share positivity, spread good vibes, and connect with new experiences through this blog! I also have to get into the habit of photography, so this will be a super interesting experience for me!

Ok time for me to go now – can’t wait to start posting on The Millennial Cake!

Catt xx

Photo by Wesley Chen


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